An Integrated Marketing Communication Program for Crunchy Crunch Company

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This integrated marketing communication program proposal is going to make a plan for Crunchy Crunch Company to start their business ambition. The Crunchy Crunch Company (CCC) has been in the business of making crisps and other snacks for many years. They want to build on their reputation for the traditional health-conscious consumer. Therefore, they have made the brave decision to move away from the traditional products it has in its portfolio and is about to launch a range of healthy snacks. The brand name for this range is Fit to reflect the healthy nature of the products and the people consuming them. So far, four varieties will be available: Fit Fruit (Fruit and corn-based snack) Fit Quiche, Fit Frosty (a savory ice cream) and Fit Crackle (a crisp like product). They believed that there would be a large market for snack food in the country. According to the American Marketing Association, marketing research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data about problems relating to the marketing of goods and services. Although market research is an imperfect science, it deals with customers and their continual changes feel and behaviors, which are influenced by innumerable subjective causes.
Competitiveness in business the world over is so acute that survival is possible for only those organizations, which are ready to employ every possible means to increase profit by reducing cost in production while remaining uncompromising in quality and aggressive in marketing. The role of marketing communication in modern business practices has been identified as a key factor in survival in modern-day business. As part of the search for business effectiveness, the entire process of marketing communication is being approached in a comprehensive and unified manner whereby all activities of business communication functions in unison. This approach is called Integrated Marketing Communication. This is a relatively new concept in management. It is engineered to harness all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, promotion of sales, public relation, and direct marketing in a highly focused manner eschewing the former tendency of these departments to function in isolation.