An Innovative Business Approach Case of Axiom Telecom

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Focus differentiation might be a hybrid in this specific type of strategy. Furthermore, in the retailing industry, marketing activity eventually fuels the competency of an organization and its products. Thus, it is also important to integrate the whole thing about marketing in order to effectively perform other relevant the strategic activities. Modern marketing techniques are all necessary in the retailing sector and this is the point of companies like Apple Incorporated. In the case of this company, driving for innovation is a must and so product differentiation is necessary which is combined under modern marketing activities (O’Grady, 2008). In fact, it is a common issue to look into customers’ response because organizations like Axiom Telecom 3 would look forward to the kind of value given to customers by enhancing their product and service quality, tantamount to key performance target to obtain specific corporate objectives (Ahmed amp. Zairi).
The case mentions that Axiom Telecom was recognized for its commitment to customer service and implementation of several globally acclaimed corporate practices (Toyota Production System (TPS), 5s, Kaizen).
It is important to consider that the top management should be able to influence the human resource, aligning their focus with the ultimate vision where the organization is heading forward. After all, setting the vision is a key to effective leadership (Ahmed amp. Zairi). Considering differences in environment, culture and industry context, it is important to make a remarkable internal change within an organization and the ultimate target should be the human resource. In this case, the management must be able to sufficiently accustom the human resource with the vision.