An Effective Teacher

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There certainly are a number of remarkable attributes by which an effective teacher may be recognized. Based on personal experience as a student, an effective teacher is first of all one who manages to bring across a type of teaching that strategically enables ease of comprehension among the majority of learners. As a flexible educator, an effective teacher makes it a point to improvise tools or innovate techniques which are sensitive to the needs of each student especially when it comes to targeting personal growth in terms of enhanced potentials and increased level of self-worth. While the quantity of lessons may matter with ample significance at anytime, such an instructor does not afford to neglect providing quality in his unique creative style of teaching which naturally earns appreciation by colleagues and pupils alike.An effective teacher exhibits a character of passion toward mastery of specialization or subject being taught. Because it is part of his chief objective to sustain learning with excellence, he finds a way to exceed the standards of his profession and considers exploring knowledge of the yet unknown for the benefit not only of improving his intellect but also of inspiring the students with the wonderful idea of gaining mastery of their individual endeavors both at present and in the future. Students are similarly encouraged to be regularly present in class to listen and perform in a stimulating atmosphere fostered by a teacher who demonstrates skillfulness in classroom management. Along with this characteristic comes the equivalent potential of promoting interactive discussions among students who eventually yield to the confidence of developing critical way of thinking and expressing their viewpoints on various sensible matters besides the main course. It is also a notable characteristic of an effective instructor to possess a genuine concern for the formation and development of values in every student aside from the typical acquisition of rich academic learning. From this course, I suppose I have discerned the essence of patience in understanding human nature with different kinds of people. This way, I believe I would be able to determine the areas in my teaching which I ought to adjust in order that each type of student is addressed according to capacity or manner of coping and general interests. Certain course activities have been capable of teaching me to be further contemplative as I observe myself at depth in relation to others. I have discovered as well that there are several ways of convincing and becoming a source of motivation to learning individuals such that they unconsciously look up to the motivator not solely through skills but due mainly to love of the chosen field. To be able to impart knowledge and wisdom with love is to instruct in the most delightful fashion that surely impacts another person’s well-being. Truly this is something worth keeping from the course that has made me reflect upon the importance of consistent behaviour in obtaining fresh perspectives to characterize what it means essentially to become an effective educator.