An American Support Defense Intelligence Agency

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The decision that DIA delivers concerning intelligence information is an advantage to warfighters, policymakers and defense planners (DIA, 2015). The collected intelligence information is an advantage because it is usable by the military and other states security officers to be alert of any kind of attack, especially from terror. The new base contributes to a new mission of applying interpersonal skills, high-level training and professional talents that provide the necessary human intelligence (HUMINT).

The agency collects and analyses key intelligence information data using a variety of sophisticated tools and technology before coming up with the decision (DIA, 2015). The DIA then makes a decision concerning the information analyzed on how to deploy security personnel globally in order to be on top of the matter in case of any abnormalities. During the security deployment activity, the DIA takes a long warfighter and interagency partners to be on the watch out in order to manage and contain the security. Therefore, the work of DIA is to coordinate with all the security personnel and share with them intelligence information with an intention to defend America’s national security interest (DIA, 2015).