American Vs Haitian Cultures

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AMERICAN vs. HAITIAN CULTURES When talking about American culture, Americans do not have any solid response. According to few it is the place where one is born, culture is related to traditions, heritage, nationality or the way people live. Americans believe that their heritage is not a part of a family traditions but it is considered that American culture has evolved in time with several other culture united together. Haitian culture is also a part of American heritage now. (Naylor)
Haitian culture or Haiti is an independent and oldest black republic in the world. The people of the Haitian culture are mostly of African descent. The history tells us that the Haitians eventually worked as Slaves in the Gold mines of African west coast. These slaves made significant progress and struggled for their freedom. (Unaeze, and Perrin)
When people of this origin started to settle in America they came in with their rich culture and language. Haitian Americans wish to get settled and secure in America, the immigrants in the US communicate in their own language building a communication barrier for other whether in educational institutions or workplace. The Haitians have their separate beliefs and practices as well. They even avoid the medical treatments of hospitals and prefer to adopt the traditional methods of curing any disease. For Haitians living in America, the life is full of conflicts. The Haitians have build a wall of cultural and language differences, the emphasis on maintaining their heritage. (Nicolas, Desilva, Grey, and Gonzalez-Eastep)
For this reason the US government has formulated few policies for the immigrants seeking asylum. The government concerns about it and works over elvating the structure of society, illiteracy, malnutrition and promotes human rights. Proper medical treatment is given to those prone of diseases and fund in the health and education sector, to overcoming the gaps formed by cultural and language differences. (Barrett, and Cary )

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