American football

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Certain sports like football have been there from medieval times. Speaking broadly, sports were and still are played to gain political ends. Healthy and active sports industry results in booming economy of a country. Just like every other country has a national sport, America is known for football after baseball.
Football is a game that requires manoeuvring, an alert and clear head and strategies that change with the course of the game. Every sport is a psychological game. That means whichever team utilizes the element of surprise effectively against the opponent wins the game. Unlike rugby and soccer, the American Football involves hands more rather legs.
The history of football goes back to the second and third BC centuries in China where it was part of the military exercise. It was known as Tsu’ Chu in which the ball filled with feathers was kicked towards the goal without any use of hands. A similar game called the Japanese Kemari stemmed after some five hundred years. A Greek version of the game called “Episkyros” was followed by “Harpastum”, a Roman football game. The game came to England and fragmented into rugby and association football (soccer) in 1863. The introduction of these two games led to the formation of the Football Association in England. Hence, Britain became known as the home of football. (
Unlike contemporary football, in the early stages of the evolution of the game, it was much more disorganized and played violently in fields and villages with no limit on the number of participants. There were no specific rules or code of conduct. With passing time, the rules became defined and brought sophistication to the game in the 19th century. This was the turning point in the essence of football. By then, the game was introduced in schools. It brought out good character in the school students, some of them were loyalty, selflessness, unity, cooperation and respect for one another. Over the passage of time, the Cambridge