America tracing the progress of women

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It means that law is biased and black women are treated unfairly. It becomes very hard to retain familial bonds and their children are brought up by foster mothers. Such children are not brought up the way they should be. They become victim of complexes as they are called children of criminal mother. Incarcerated women become victims of different physical and psychotic disorders and are not given a proper treatment. After their incarceration, they cannot be settled in society as other members and there are numerous challenges which they have to face. Societal Norms However, societal norms are somehow different in women and men and both genders are stereotyped to be in their societal relations. Even the purpose of negotiation is different for both genders. Men are said to negotiate to achieve an upper hand in agreement but women are mostly trying to bring agreement (Robinson, Frost and Buccigrossi 2). We associate different gender roles with the personalities of men and women and those have become standards. However, in the United States women’s role has been emancipated and taken more like men. There is total work equality in the United States and both the genders balance out work (Burda 7). There is no compromise on professionalism and things happen at job in the same way for both genders. There is no relaxation and no privileges to women and they are not given time for their family lives. Professional life in mathematics, technology and other fields of both genders is the same in the United States. Companies are so much dedicated to fulfill their mission and vision that they cannot compromise on professionalism. Perks and privileges are somehow discriminating for both genders. female professionals are underestimated by men and this… This paper examines the role of a today’s woman in a society and the challenges she may face. She is not only responsible for bringing up a healthy family but also considered an important contributor of the economy of any country. The country I have selected is the United States of America which is known for its emancipation of women. Even in the United States, women are belittled and stereotyped to be cold and hostile. Even those women who are successful in professional life are considered more ruthless and their delicate impression is taken away from them (Dill 1). There are lot of issues and challenges being faced by women in the United States in terms of legal system, as well as in corporate lives. Women are encouraged to be of open mentality and they are given independence in choosing their priorities of life. However, gender discrimination still prevails at job because of the perception of society that women are more family oriented and they cannot work competitively. Even at workplace, there needs to be a realization of the fact that male and female employees need different leadership styles. Same leadership approach cannot work for both genders. Managers need to know about the gender differences and their different psychology, as well as communication style differences. In America, any woman is given this right to decide her life according to her wishes and no interference is allowed. However, when she enters professional life, she experiences discrimination which discourages her to a great extent.