America’s Stone Age Explorers

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Consequently, big-game hunters used this route to move between the two places. The theory asserts that people journeyed through a corridor devoid of ice. The migration estimate is about 13,500 years ago. The theory further holds that the people who had migrated to America were isolated after the melting of glaciers. This caused the disappearance of the land bridge. However, the discovery of enormous ice sheets covering the south in the times of Christopher Columbus flawed this long-standing theory on the population of America. It is interesting how new developments such as the discovery of other Clovis point challenge the previously accepted Clovis theory. The developments include the revelation that the coastline supported life of plants and bears.

The Clovis point viewpoint is such an important aspect of exploration at that time. It is the discovery of these points dating back to 16,000 B.C and the southern ice sheets that suggests that man could live as far back in time. This means that the populating of America could have happened earlier than it was thought. It is intriguing to navigate through these theories that strive to find the answer. This film gives us just the recommended captivating feel.