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Amazon HQ2 Research Project, BUS 163Professor Cuadra, Tacoma Community CollegeSpring 2020Research Assignment, Part 1: Be sure to read through all of the questions, completely, before beginning your research. Also, keep careful track, from day one, of your sources.  You don’t want to try and recreate your sources at the end of two weeks.Demographics, Education, and Crime/Safety – OverviewBasically, we are learning how to do some of the research and analysis that middle- and top-level management do and use to make major decisions.Please research the following questions/areas for your assigned city or county. BE SURE TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SOURCES. You will have to provide a list of references, and in-text citations, in submitted research. Every fact or piece of information you provide must have a citation and the full reference for that source included at the end in a reference list.Demographics and Employment – Research questions (35 points)1. Overall population for your study city, county, or area. Note that you may find a metropolitan area population, and that is fine, just be sure to note if it is a metropolitan area. For instance, Seattle is an individual city, with a population of about 700,000 people. You can find the population for the city. But you can also find a population number for the metropolitan area – which could include Seattle, all of King County, Tacoma, Everett, Pierce County, and Snohomish county. That is closer to 4 million people. Just be sure to state WHAT population to which you refer.2. Find and provide (copy the picture) of a population pyramid (breakdown by age range and birth gender).3. List unemployment rates. Again, be as specific as possible. Is this the unemployment rate for an individual city? A county? A metropolitan area? Also provide information on unemployment by sector – some sectors, like construction, may have higher unemployment rates than medical jobs, etc.a. Try to locate some underemployment rates. This refers to a percentage of the population that is working but may be working below their education and experience level. This happened quite a bit after the 2008/2009 recession. You also see it in areas with high populations of immigrants.[1] Crime/Safety – Research Questions (15 points)1. Search for crime statistics for your assigned city or county. You will want to concentrate on violent crime, such as:a. Murderb. Assaultc. Raped. Burglary (cars, home invasions, etc. Theft is a lesser charge and is not considered violent, nor a felony)2. Find data and a trend for at least ten years’ worth of data.a. Using that ten years of data, create an Excel chart that shows the number of crimes per category. Then add a trend line for each of the four categories. i. We will have a Zoom session on this on Monday, 5/4/20. That will be recorded so that those who cannot sign in then can still get the information.3. Find out what organization provides police protection for your City/County. Most cities have their own police force, so find out what it is called, and how many officers they employ. Counties often have sheriffs, rather than “police”. Sometimes their boundaries overlap and blur.a. Then, look for information about how that agency goes about hiring efforts for the police forces or sheriff’s offices. Many cities struggle these days to find officers. Can you figure out why? Include your answer in your submission.[1]People who may have been doctors or lawyers in their home countries cannot do the same jobs in the US, because the standards and requirements are different. Those who come from countries with war or civil strife often cannot cannot produce their documentation and licenses because they were forced to flee.