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Amazon Company BackgroundSouthern New Hampshire UniversityJamie AmelioNovember 4, 2018Amazon started in 1994 and over the past 14 years has become a powerhouse in online shopping. Amazon went public in 1997 (AMZN) and trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange. They are the largest internet retailer in the world based are revenue and Market Capitalization. Amazon is rapidly growing with warehouse popping up all over the country. They currently have over 180 warehouses. Amazon employees approximately 382,000 employees. started has as an online bookstore and has progressed to selling video games, household items, jewelry food, toys; Amazon sells it all from third party sellers. Amazon also offers media streaming through amazon prime. Amazon prime provides instant access to the latest and hottest movies, shows, and more. At a cost of a  $99 per year membership, Consumers not only have media streaming at their fingertips they also have access to more than 100 million items eligible for free two- day shipping and depending on location and availability some consumers can have a product delivered within 2 hours. Prime members each spend approximately $1,300 yearly on amazon products. In 2017, Amazon reported that 1.4 billion dollars of its 3rd quarter revenue came from Amazon Prime, thus making it the backbone of the company. In 2017 Amazon decided to purchase Whole foods for 13.7 billion dollars. Whole foods sales were on the decline and Amazon decided to incorporate Whole Foods with its Prime membership. This allowed for consumers to have an exceptional experience with specialty/ organic foods and products being delivered to them with their 2 hours shipping. (Dave Gershgorn, 2017).As seen on ,In the past 4 years Amazon’s assets have increased each year. In 2016 to 2017 they reported a jump from 45 million to over 60 million in assets in that 1 year alone. This is the largest increase so far, that Amazon has recorded. With the expansion of their retail operations and warehouses, their liabilities are also on the increase. From 2014 to 2017, Amazon’s current liabilities nearly doubled from 28 million to 57 million. During that same period their long-term debt also rose by 16 million dollars and total liabilities increased from 43 million dollars to 103 million dollars.     ReferencesDave Gershgorn, A. G. (2017, August 20). What is Amazon, really? Retrieved November 4, 2018, from Quartz: Retrieved from