Allstar Brands Distribution Channel

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Allstar Brands Distribution Channel
Allstar Brands’ All-round product is the market share leader in the overt-the-counter (OTC) cold and allergy remedy market. The marketing management group consists of brand manager, assistant brand manager and a brand assistant. The responsibility of these is the development of the marketing strategy including any reformulation or line extension options. For the company to maintain its level of success, it ensures that it meets its goals. Allstar Brands ensures that it increases its brand awareness within three years. It also ensures that it maintains and increases customer satisfaction and to ensure that it does all this it does the following:
Advertisement and promotions
For the company to achieve its objectives, it ensures that it conducts regular advertisements and promotions. It has advertising agencies such as Wheeler (BMW) Maxwell and Brewster, which have high quality work. The trade promotions include coop advertising and promotional allowances.
Brand Formulations
It offers brand formulations such as Analgesics, Antihistamins, decongestants, cough suppressants, expectorants and alcohol.
Survey Data
The company ensures that it surveys the market share based on consumer brands purchase, purchase decision making criteria that consumers use, brand awareness and brand satisfaction.
Sales Force
The support of the manufacturer’s sales force is vital to the success of a brand in the allergy market and the OTC cold. Wholesalers sell OTC brands to smaller, independent retailers that are not reached by direct sales force of the manufacturer.
Internal Product development
The OCM group has a significant product development and management decisions to make and must ensure that it works with the product research and development (R&amp.D) area within Allstar Brands.
The 4 P’s (People, Places, Prices and Promotion)
The company needs people to be friendly and courteous. It keeps its prices a little higher than the trade-off line. It sells in places where the customers want to purchase their products. It ensures that it maintains promotions and advertisement.
Solid relationships with distributors
The company also ensures that it offers discounts to its distributors and maintains solid relationships.