All in a Days Work

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All in a Day’s WorkVarious people related issues have been brought out in the case study. The first issue is that of inability to retain workers. The second issue was that of low salaries pay and the third one was that of workers being unable to use the technology required to do their jobs. While handling these issues, Ann started by requesting Joel to prepare a detailed report proposing how they can reduce employee turnover. She then promised to work on the report. She also asked Brook to set time so that they can talk with his people about the issues of salaries. Finally, the issue of training and development was also promised to be looked at by Ann at later date. If feel that Ann did not handle these issues effectively. She could have set committees to discuss these issues and give her a response about what need to be done as soon as possible. Ann is a highly involving manager. This is can be seen through the number of tasks that awaits her to accomplish just on a single day. From the case, it is clear that Ann is directly responsible for employee’s salaries, technologies applied to accomplish work in the company as well as training and development of the employees. She also has various meetings with the executive and other meetings with the lower level employees. She likes accomplishing tasks on the order of priority and ensures she delivers on her duties. Ann usually has busy days at work and still creates time to attend meetings and even respond to emails sent by employees. She, therefore, meets almost all employees’ requirement. The only problem with her management system is that, Ann tends to react more to issues instead of applying the proactive measures to curb them. It can be seen from the case that theirs is a high employee turnover in the company. This should be the first evidence that the employees are a source of competitive advantage. There should be a higher employee motivation though high starting salaries and other benefits to retain them[Roy88]. This way, the company will have best workers and spend less on training new employees. Secondly, there is a requirement of training and developing the employees. This is another source of competitive advantage that the company can exploit. The issue will make the company have employees who are knowledgeable about the new technological advancement so that increase efficiency and effectiveness while accomplishing their tasks. This helps the company to stay ahead of competition through spending less on production and well as improving their daily output and capacity[Car13]. It is very important for company to use employees’ retention and employees training and development as the best way to stay on top of competition in the industry. However, when this is not done, competitors will always be poaching the best employees from the company who are not well paid, and give to them better pays and use them to deliver the best services that tops the market. ReferencesRoy88: , (Roy, Donald, Bowen, amp. Hall, 1988), Car13: , (Carter, 2013),