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The paper discussed the prevalence of diabetes in South Asian women in Los Angeles County in a critical manner highlighting reasons and impact in the recent run. It was found that South Asian women suffer from diabetes mainly because of the genetic and lifestyle issues. They are well educated and supported by strong demographics still lack focus and dedication to deal with the diabetes issue. One of the most critical factors pertaining to the treatment of diabetes is based on the notion that, it cannot be treated and thus can only be managed and controlled. However, in many cases, individuals do not even take initiatives in controlling it rather than getting affected by it to the core and then taking actions and initiatives. South Asian women have strong demographics and weak social factors making them all the more vulnerable towards the treatment of diabetes in the long run.
This report makes a conclusion that South Asian women are exposed to little awareness programs that affect their thought process. The problem lies in dealing with the diabetes issue that is dependent on the understanding of reasons behind the rise of diabetes (Mather and Keen, 1985). In the past, it was found that health intervention programs have been of great help but considering the need of mutual cooperation and coordination. at times. healthcare models and programs create very little impact and in the case of South Asian women, it was found that healthcare models affect for a brief period of time and then are of little use and importance considering the lack of continuation and zeal to take positive initiatives.