Alienation from others and process

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Briefly analyze the significance and provide some concrete examples of alienation from others and alienation from process. Please do not explain the alienation, ONLY analyze the significance and provide the examples of them. thanks~! Alienation usually separates and estranges an individual from the dominant value system of greater community or society or even themselves. In the contemporary world, alienation isolates an individual from his peers or group. This concept was first expressed in the early writings of Karl Marx in his Manuscript of 1844, referring that isolation is the separation of things that naturally belongs together, or to put antagonism between things that are properly in harmony. As a result, alienation results in the isolation and seclusion of the individual. This often deprives the individual the necessary social support system and making him more vulnerable to the vagaries of life and loneliness. Typical example would be a foreigner migrating to a new country with a different cultural and belief system. The foreigner, being different, is typically alienated or separated from the bigger group due to the difference of origin, belief system or sheer non-familiarity. Such, the foreigner is often left isolated and alone, and not included in whatever process that the bigger group may undertake. It is usual that in any conversation or social interaction, that particular foreigner is often left out. And even when he will have the chance to interact, his opinion or presence is often ignored being relegated to coming from a different person. If the person is part of an organization, he will have no control over decisions as to what the group would like to undertake. But is rather forced to abide due to his alienation from the process.