Alexander The Great

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The reason for the choice of Alexander the great is the success that he achieved during his reign which in incomparably to any other king in the ancient history, he is also considered a genius of all the time in military because he was able to conquer the Persian empire which was the strongest empire in both his father’s days and his and his conquer was the fulfillment of his father’s dream who died before accomplishing it. In addition to this attributed Alexander the Great was the inspiration of many other kings who came after him in the entire ancient Greece history and the Roman Empire which was later to be, the kings and emperors include Hannibal the Carthaginian and for the Romans are Napoleon, Caesar and Pompey (Tritle 102). Alexander the great was born in 356BC in Pella the capital Macedonia. His father Philip 11 was then the king of Macedonia. during his early life he witnessed his father accomplishing a strong military power in Macedonia having win victory in many of the battle fields. His father hired Aristotle one of the great Greek philosophers to be the teacher of the young Alexander, Aristotle for his teachings provided Alexander with extensive knowledge on literature, philosophy, science and medicine developing high interest and Aristotle teachings became important in his future life as the king of Macedonia. At the age of 16 Alexander was delegated the authority to rule Macedonia by his father as he was to war to conquer Thrace, this was an indication of his capabilities of strong leadership at such a younger age. Alexander showed his military capabilities at his younger age when his father away he led an army to counter the Thracian tribe of Maedi and he was able to capture its stronghold and named it Alexandropolis and by 338BC Alexander the Great had risen having a commanding post and also ranked among the senior generals in the Macedonian army (Tritle 102). His father was assassinated in 336BC and Alexander took over the throne from his father. He took over a well established army from his father and he was crown the overall military general in Greece and it was now his time to accomplish his father’s military expansions before he died. Soon after ascending into power Alexander the great fought many battles in which he was able to suppress most of its enemies and finally conquering the Persian Empire (Tritle 102). Accomplishments of Alexander the Great Suppression of the Thracian, Illyrian and the Greek rebellions Alexander once he ascended into power suppressing the Thracian, Illyrian and the Greek rebellions which previously had constantly been a major threat the Greece Macedonian rule. His father had successfully conquered some of these territories but a lot was yet to be conquered to guarantee total control and suppression, all of the domestic enemies were suppressed by way of execution (Heckel 76). These domestic rebellions broke up after Philips death and the Thracians, Illyrians and the Greeks who were in the northern Greece sought for independence. Alexander responded swiftly by suppressing all of the rebellions and after restoring the Macedonian rule in northern Greece he had the great task ahead in the