Airshow day 2 ( need done before 7pm eastern standard time) spread sheet attached

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During Day 2 of the airshow, you are required to select and report an Airshow Champion. Use the spreadsheet that you created for the Module 3 – Discussion: Airshow Day 2: Probability discussion to: Determine the aircraft winner. Report the probability of another aircraft scoring higher than the winner.Report values of probability to four decimal places, i.e., p = 0.1234.Report the ChampionNow that you have the simulated data, report the Airshow Champion. Report the champion in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Your MOU should be a maximum of one page with one-inch margins using 11 point font and consist of only the following three paragraphs: Introduction – Prepare the audience for what he/she is about to read. Results – The facts. Conclusion(s) – Results based, concise and to the point; actionable.Review the Writing Suggestions page for tips. Use this format for your document:MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDINGTO: 97th AMW – USAFFROM: Your NameDATE: Add Assignment Due DateSUBJECT: Determined by Student20/03/20194mathematics