Aircrafts Business Expeditions

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The international trade specifically is carried out through airlines. The issue of high cargo cost as compared to water shipment is often uplifted but air cargo service is more swift and rapid in nature. Businesses tend to opt for air cargo due to quick and safe on-time delivery. The cargo handling and processing procedure are critical as goods need to be transported elegantly and safely (Wensveen, 2012,p.14). Airlines throughout the globe ensure to deliver the best cargo services as revenue generation from cargo is more than passengers’ shipment.Acquisitions and Deployment of Aircraft: The addition of aircraft into the fleet is a matter of serious concern for the organization. Several elements need to be examined before taking this step. Initially, the need and requirement paradigm is explored. The strategic business units dig in that either it is adequate and necessary to pursue this step or not. The organizational expeditions are certainly expanded by opting for the option of adding aircraft into the fleet. The mergers and acquisitions in the airline’s industry have not worked out pretty well in the past. The only successful merger was of Air France with KLM in 2004, making it Air France KLM. The newly merged company escorted for adding new aircraft into the fleet but that decision was made after one-year operations collectively (Gudmundsson, 2010, p.48). The management of aircraft previously became an issue for the organization but they sorted it out by inaugurating information systems into the firm. All the operations were virtually connected and scheduling of flights and delivery of cargo was certainly more transparent and viable. After getting heads up in the respective area, Air France KLM went to the addition of aircraft into the fleet (Romano, 2012, p.23). Some of the key factors that need to be considered the airline’s decision in adding aircraft into the fleet are given below. Organizational Status: The airlines need to determine that either it is internally strong enough to deploy and acquire aircraft into the fleet. The strategic business department of the airline needs to watch this matter deeply and scrutinize that either is the organization capable to handle the load. The requirement aspect wants to be covered too. The addition of aircraft into the fleet without acknowledging, that either the airline’s market position is stable or not is vital. The organization propensity and tendency is crucial too. The addition of aircraft requires expansion in staff and more finances for the organization. Some of the airlines go for acquisition and deployment step without working on these steps (Borken-Kleefeld, Berntsen and Fuglestvedt, 2010, p.5702). The precise understanding of the magnitude of coming events is important in the airline’s industry. There are several external and internal factors that affect the business endeavors of the airlines’ industry, so it is eminent for the firms to concisely acknowledge the organizational status before stepping into something deep. The customers and business requirement is a secondary issue but it is of much more significance. Airlines should have a well equipped technological setup that would create synergy between the departments at all levels. The connotation of departments help in getting view and feedback about the decision firm would be making (Alkaabi and Debbage, 2011, p.1520).