Against the revolution in the twentieth century Latin America

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Reaction against the Revolution in the Twentieth Century Latin America Reaction against the Revolution in the Twentieth Century Latin America
The twentieth century Latin America was one with a lot of trials, tribulations, trepidations and turbulence. It saw a lot of revolutions, land reforms and various other upheavals during this period that have changed the popular course of history and have affected the world dynamics.
There were various reactions to the revolution in that ensued in the continent. Some of the reactionary measures were basically as follows
The revolution in the area of arts and culture- The area of arts and culture depicted the bygone area of the conflict (Galeano, 2009). In Mexico, there was a marriage between the different concepts. The murals and the Christian mythology were mixed together. There was also a large scale depiction of the popular movements that had occurred during that particular era.
The change in the political sectors and the introduction of the new state actors-
There was a rapid development in the field of the industrial production. The production of the European products was replaced by the indigenously developed products (Edwards, 2010). However, the amount of the unemployment and the other factors were not sufficient to reduce the malnutrition, the unemployment and the other factors
Rise of the labor and the middle class- The period saw the increasing rise of the middle class that gained control over a large number of political bastions. The ruling oligarchy opened up the markets to a large number of the plebian player’s thereby giving rise to a large number of popular agrarian movements (Hunter, 2010).
Social reforms and the various measures taken- there were a large number of steps that were taken in order to vacillate a large number of social reforms. The immediate result of the revolution was the spurt in the socialist activities and the growth of forums to achieve those goals.
So, these were the various reactions to the revolution in Latin America.
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