Against Solar Energy

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Solar energy is harnessed light and, heat from the sun converted in electricity. It has a wide range of uses e.g. heating of water, producing electricity, heating and lighting in buildings, industrial and commercial uses etc. But it also has an opposite side. Some people may say that it is the most effective compared to other types of energy because the light and heat are natural. However, they forget that solar energy is derived from sun. This means that without the sun, no energy can be available. Making of photovoltaic panels there are chemicals used. These chemicals are elements that are harmful to the environment. “Cadmium” and “Arsenic” harmful to the environment and can bring bad side effects to people. They require good disposal to avoid pollution of the environment. Solar energy system plants need a lot of space that could otherwise be used for other things. The area needed needs to be free from all sorts of objects that can obstruct light rays. This shows that it can be problematic to people who have small compounds especially the ones who live in cities. It leads to depletion of animal habitats. It is also true to say that production of solar energy is dependent. The operation and effectiveness of solar cells depends on a balanced mixture of some compounds. This mixture harness light energy and then takes it to another contact that works electrically. More so, the life span of organic solar cells in very short. It can only stay for only 5 years in commercial applications.