African American social work

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There came up different African American social work agencies and schools that wanted to see Africans out of these conditions. Poverty was a great setback to the development of the Africans (Thyer, Wodarski and Myers, 2010 pg 89). Africans would have not been economically stable after being sidelined in the society socially, politically and economically. One of the factors is the agencies have tried to come up with a committee that comes up with ideas that can help in developing Africans. African American students have been faced with financial problems. therefore, this committee tried to come up with methods that can be used to finance those students who could not afford paying for their schooling. This is a vital strategy especially in avoiding the rate of dropouts of blacks. Financial problems emanate from an individual’s background. Africans were mostly faced with high poverty levels therefore this status cannot allow them to access schooling. This saw many black students recruited in school (Harris and Graham, 2007pg 35). Admission to graduate schools was based racial factors whereby blacks were sidelined. On realizing this, African American social work agencies tried to increase the number of black students in the graduate school through campaigns. … Social work agencies tried to harmonize African through different ways. Forming of associations where the blacks could meet and share their experiences. Use of churches was also another strategy used to unite Africans. Churches highly contribute to peaceful co existence because it is through them we learn about societal values. Values like giving, love and forgiveness are got through religious institutions (Boykin, 2003 pg 21) Retraining of graduates was also another important strategy used by African American social work agencies. This training helped in recruiting of more Africans as social workers. Retraining gives workers new skills and allows them access to technological knowhow. Training can be done internally or externally. Internal training is done through offering basic knowledge on how to run an organization. Workers can learn from their fellow workers or through invitation of experts on areas of specialization. Externally workers are allowed to integrate in the job market and meet other workers from other organisations. This is done for the satisfaction of the customers (Thyer, Wodarski and Myers, 2010 pg 102). Modification of the curriculum helped in the success of African American social work schools. This curriculum mainly put its focuses on the cultural aspect of the students and workers. Cultural consideration is important in any organization that aims at achieving its goals. People are not to be discriminated along cultural lines but rather be appreciated for every individual has different values and beliefs that are unique. Different cultures should be integrated in an organization to promote harmony. Workers should be deployed competence and not cultural beliefs. African American