African American history 16001877

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The events that shaped African American history and converted the blacks from being slave to free people were forced transportation of black people for slave trade,American Revolution,the Great Awakening,the very famous war of 1812 and the civil war.Slave trade is the first incident that shows the deprivation of Black population of their basic human rights as blacks were transported to other lands for labour purposes Second in line is the event of Great Awakening, which helped people to recognize their existence according to their religion, as Great Awakening resulted in unity of Americans and Christianity faith. Third important event is the American Revolution that started in 1775 as clash between the Great Britain and the thirteen British colonies in America. During American Revolution, blacks wanted their rights and human treatment from Americans. British unwillingness to sign the commercial agreement, British support to Indians on American frontiers and failure of British army to withdraw from American territories were the causes of irritation for Americans due to which, the war of 1812 was there. Civil War is the last important event that helped the blacks in gaining freedom as at the end of civil war, formal identity was given to black people as Americans. AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY (1600-1877) African American history revolves around arrival of African American or black American ethnic groups in US. Migration of black people from Carrabin and transportation of slaves in 16th century changed the history of the region. Five very influential events took place from 1600 to 1877. The events that shaped African American history and converted the blacks from being slave to free people were forced transportation of black people for slave trade, American Revolution, the Great Awakening, the very famous war of 1812 and the civil war. Slave trade leads the other events in the African American history. In 1619, first slave was brought to Jamestown as a servant. This event opened the doors for bringing non-Christian black people as servants in the US. Number of slaves rose to 25000 in 1700 in American colonies1. Next in order was Great Awakening, known as watershed period in American life. Great Awakening swept the colonies by having greater social and religious effects on the people’s life. Period of 1730-1740 is known as revivalism period that spread throughout in American colonies2. Individual spiritual experiences got importance over the routine church proceedings. After the period of Great Awakening, the next mega event in African American history is American Revolution. It began in 1775 due to conflict between Great Britain and thirteen colonies. After the end of revolution in 1783, another mega event is the war of 1812. War was fought between America and Great Britain from 1812 to 1815 but peace treaty for ending the war was signed in 1814. Than the reconstruction period started in which black people were granted American citizenship with full rights. Mid eighteenth century saw a big shift in American policies towards black and black people also shifted to south for living the lives as per their own wishes3. The impact of all the events on African American history 1600-1877 shall be discussed in detail in this paper. Great emphasis shall be laid on the war of 1812, because of events taking place during this period. Spanish and Portuguese settlers brought Africans with them in the new world. About 2,75,000 Africans were brought to south and north America at the start of 16th century. First African slave was brought to Jamestown in1619. More Africans were then brought to those areas having good land for cultivation but labour was short. Many slaves used to die during transportation due to inadequate food and medical treatment. Earlier the differences in treating European and African slaves were almost negligible but soon they started differentiating whites from black people in 27th century. Virginia