Afghanistan history culture and people one development need (a project to help this country))

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For this purpose, it holds interest of many countries and is of high strategic importance. On one corner it is surrounded by countries of the new Central Asian states, on other it is surrounded by nuclear powers like Pakistan and India.
The background history of Afghanistan is an extensive one and always have civilizations and conquers of various civilizations resorted to Afghanistan. From Alexander to the Mahmud Ghanznavi (Qureshi) to Khushan dynasty to Mughals, all have found this place appealing and at one time or other during their reign, they have tried conquering it and making it their own land. Afghanistan is a land rich of culture, natural resources, perfect terrain, beautiful weather, all sets of climate. All these features make it most sought after in the eyes of conquerors. For this reason it has been attempted at invasion time and again.
Dost Mohammad’s name surfaced at the time when Ango Afghan war broke out(Gladstone, 100) and they tried silencing the tribal war lords and instated a British friendly leader Shah Shuja, however being an artificial setup, he was dethroned in no time and was later on assassinated as well. Dost Mohammad being the true and genuine local leader, held on to the throne for a considerable while and he was followed by his children who served the country and kept a grip over the remote areas of Afghanistan which were even hard for the British government to take over and establish government there. His rule was followed by Abdur Rehman family, who himself ruled successfully and he was later followed by his own son Habibullah.
The last two who ruled peacefully and prior to the civil war and Soviet Republic revolution were the Zahir shah and Daud shah. Their reign was brought to an end in form of foreign occupant’s attempt to take over the country. They failed to do so, yet the country fell into a quagmire of civil war itself.
Considering these facts,