Advertisements and Anorexic Models

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While it can be argued that advertisers have a right towards free speech and should be able to present whatever images they want, the reality of the situation is that advertisers have to show restraint and have to be regulated since the people have to be protected from those who would seek to exploit them. The arguments for not allowing advertisements that show models that are clearly anorexic is both a moral argument and a business argument since advertising has a tremendous effect on people and their buying decisions. Unethical advertising may actually put people off a certain seller and this makes it a dangerous business decision to use anorexic models.To understand the effects of advertisements on individuals we must understand the disease itself and realize that advertisements can become a part of the cause of why anorexia exists in such large numbers today. ANRED (Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders) (2007) suggests that advertisements and society at large makes several strange demands from women who are expected to be happy, have positive relationships, have a successful career, maintain her house and remain thin.This idea of remaining and being thin can become a mental disease that manifests itself as an eating disorder called Anorexia Nervosa. The disease itself has several symptoms for example. an individual may have a distorted personal body image and a very low weight that is extremely dangerous for their health. Individuals who suffer from this disease may seek to control their weight and their distorted body image with extreme dieting which may take them to the point of absolute starvation. They may even start vomiting their food intake, engage in too much exercise such as running or trying to lose weight through excessive weight training. They may even resort to using drugs such as Phen Phen in an attempt to reduce their perceived weight (Fry and Veatch, 2000).The advertisers of fashion and other goods are certainly a part of the problem when it comes to Anorexia since their idealized picture of what a woman should look like is nothing compared to what women in the realworld are used to.