Advantages might employees see in working for a truly global company

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In other words, the global companies operating outside of their home country in as much as possible would want their track records in a highly impeccable standard to ensure effective operations.Foreign companies operating overseas are found to have significant concern on human resource management prior to maximizing effective operations (Farley et al., 2004). According to Farley et al. (2004), maximizing efficiency and striving for superior quality are top priorities in the core values of MNC subsidiaries in China, which are synonymous with ability and performance as key considerations in promotion and salary. This potential point is primarily related with cultural issue. Global companies especially originating from other countries will tend to adapt and put a high value of consideration of cultural issues. Thus, this might be clearly emphasized in the HR (Human Resource) context. The very reason is the point that the human resource is highly associated with cultural background. In fact, every organization has specific cultural context which at some point would remarkably give potential impact on how the general human resource is dealt with. For example, the parent firm is normally known to formulate its corporate culture which can be observed in its core values, amidst the existing culture and tradition in the host country as this is significantly viewed to maximize effective operations and achievement of competitive advantage (Farley et al., 2004). Working therefore in companies like this will prove to be challenging but promising at some point due to the fact that in an organization diverse culture orientations can be remarkable (McSweeney, 2002). The probable difference between MNC subsidiaries and Multi-National Enterprise from a home country is therefore the presence of foreign culture in the former that could be simultaneously integrated with the firms’ organizational culture prior to