Advancement and Equity for Women in Business World

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Women take men to be managers and executive officers in different business corporations (Evans, 2011). Thirdly, the article brings out the serious effects of gender disparities on companies that observe and practice the traditional norms. For instance, they deny women their rightful positions in the business area. As a result, companies lose great ideas and collaborative leadership from women. Additionally, traditional beliefs deny the businesses better services from experienced women thus underutilizing their female top talents. Fourth, the article explains widely to prove that women in leadership can make tremendous changes, which brings valuable leadership skills that can help promote the economic status of business firms.
Article critique
There are several reasons why women are sidelined from getting the top positions in business organizations. Gender stereotypic issues give advantages to men over women. For instance, men are biased against promoting women to top management positions within their companies. They really degrade women basing on gender factor failing to realize that women have the capability to make better collaborative decisions in companies. There exist other barriers, which deter women from attaining their full possession of top management positions. They include. inadequate role models for women, inadequate flexibility at their working places and inadequate strategies to develop women as leaders. Mercer provides evidence that 71 percent of the consulting firms lack programs that are designed for developing women into leadership duties (Evans, 2011).
The article reveals that organizations ought to make necessary changes to rid off the negative impact of gender stereotyping. For example, empowering women with relevant skills and knowledge through training facilities can help improve the working environment to enable women to provide their management roles at the top of the company’s management structures. This will enable firms to take advantage of the increasing capacity of talents in women.
A company that includes women at different levels of its management positions has the advantage of getting a diverse working environment with the best talents coming together (Evans, 2011). This reveals that women have the ability to increase profits and advance the performance of organizations from an exclusive perspective of leadership style. This is why men should not be looked down upon women in management issues of business organizations. They have the ability to make better decisions that help businesses drive their economy towards better performance.