Advanced Interpersonal Skills

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Before the commencement of the session on advanced interpersonal skills, I was unaware of exactly what kind of person I am but with the help of this session I learnt a lot about myself and my personality. I learnt that there are many different types of personality tests and also many types of categories for the various personalities. I learnt that it is important to write diaries as by writing all thoughts in the mind comes out on the paper and one is in a better position to understand things.
The session on MBTI had been a very interesting session during the course of advanced interpersonal skills. My personality type in the MBTI test was INFJ. INFJs allow a person to detect their talents and constantly work upon grooming their talents. My personality and nature reflects upon the fact that I am highly concerned about relationships and society as a whole (Brown and Reilly, 2009).
I aim high in life and I want my life experiences to be extraordinary. Just getting a routine job would not be of high interest to me, I want my life to be adventurous and a continuous learning experience down my career path. Since I am strongly interested in the field of marketing, I would be able to demonstrate creativity and innovation in my work and skills (Managers, 2006).
I have built up some strong principles and values in life and I work upon standing by my values so that I feel satisfied and content with whatever I do in life. I possess leadership qualities and hence aim towards a job in which my skills and abilities will be used to the optimum level. The job should be one that will allow me to implements my values and principles in a comfortable manner. My visions are intuitive and I know that I can produce excellent results if I believe in any particular task. My MBTI personality testing results were INFJ and this truly reflects upon my