Advanced Architecture or Digital Design and Fabrication

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As a means of discussing and elaborating upon each of these, the following analysis will be broken down into both a personal and professional discussion of why such a program is an effective fit towards the goals and experience that I currently have. Architecture is not just about building skyscrapers, but about touching the lives of people who live inside every house. It is all about satisfying the inhabitants, thereby making their lives better. Firstly, with regards to future goals, it can be merrily stated that it is my primary goal to become a well-known architect and to serve my society with the knowledge that I have attained. From a more specific standpoint, it is my goal to utilize my education and perhaps the first few years of private expertise that I might gain as a means of starting my own architectural company. Although such a startup is far in the future, it is necessary to consider such a goal during the present time due to the fact that each and every choice currently made will have an impact upon the overall feasibility of entertaining such a broad-minded goal. Similarly, although it is rare that an individual can be uniquely interested in pursuing a particular major while also retaining a broad background within those particular subjects and applications that further knowledge of these specific goals, this is precisely what has been effected within my own educational experience within the recent past. Beginning as far back as my secondary education, completed in 2006, I specialized and graduated with distinction from the science program of my local school. This put me on a favorable footing to continue to pursue further educational endeavors in both the sciences, engineering, and computer design modules that would make up the majority of my university studies. Moreover, in my undergraduate studies, I had a chance to be an active member of the University by being an instructor in the peer teaching program. Within such a program I taught architecture to junior students and provided specialized instructions about the computer-aided-design. This experience improved my own skills in both architecture and personal communication as I was able to understand the subject matter more completely. I also had an opportunity to benefit from relating to my fellow students as an instructor. Soo,n thereafter, I joined Edge Arabia, a well-known architectural company in my city, and became an active member in the Saudi Green Building Council. From these two involvements I have learned the use of more complex software that is necessary to improve the field of architecture. As a result of this experience, I aim at advancing my expertise in order to serve my society in a more specialized manner. I believe, this profession alone provides immense gratification when one’s ideas are transformed into real structures. As far as I am concerned, architecture is not a highly mechanical and dry area of study. It is the integration of various human enterprises like art, engineering, history, material science, physics, and everything that helps with improving our lives. Since architecture deals with beauty and symmetry only the most creative minds can sustain in this field. And I consider myself to be blessed with a creative mind. This ability of mine assures me to become a good and successful architect in future. Apart from being creative, one should have a mind to heed to the woes of the ailing environment. A person with no consideration for the