Adult Day Care Center

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Adult day care centers can usually be associated with an alternative to the institutional long term care, supported living and complete-in -home care (, 2013). Adult day care centers also provide safe environment along with personal care, nutrition and hydration during the day (, 2013).They also provide relief while the primary caregiver is not available or is busy with certain other tasks. The adult day care centers offer both social and basic health services at their locations (Caring, Inc, 2013).There are various departments operating in Virginia engaged in offering adult care facilities in the state. The prominent departments in Virginia engaged in providing adult day care services and facilities include Accomack Department of Social Services, Albemarle County Department of Social Services, Alexandria Division of Human Services, Alleghany-Covington Department of Social Services, Amelia Department of Social Services, Amherst Department of Social Services, Appomattox Department of Social Services, Arlington County Department of Social Services, Bath County Department of Social Services, Bedford Department of Social Services, Chesapeake Department of Social Services, Virginia Beach Department of Human Services and Campbell County Department of Social Services among others. … These departments also offer programs and services such as caregiver’s support, transportation, counseling, and support groups, nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, personal care (including showers, bath, shaving and grooming), case management and memory impairment care (, 2013). The organizational chart for adult day care department in Virginia can be illustrated below: Source: (Chesterfield County, 2010) B. Description of the Problems Being Addressed Lucy Corr Village, an adult day care center, is attempting to integrate varied services for people needing such services. It may face certain problems during its integration process. These problems may be associated with licensing, certification, verification and attaining requisite finance. In order to tackle the issues related with licensing, it is advisable to Lucy Corr Village that it should fulfill the necessary requirements stated by Virginia Department of Social Services (Commonwealth of Virginia, 2013). Lucy Corr Village can contact local Virginia Division of Licensing office to seek pre-licensing training. This training shall incorporate local and state requirements for Lucy Corr Village as well as the standards related with health and safety that must be met by it. Concerning the issue of certification, it is essential that the staff of Lucy Corr Village obtain certification on first aid or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). The Virginia Department of Social Services generally approves first aid and CPR certification concerning adult day care centers from National Safety Council, American Red Cross and American Heart Association (Virginia Department of Social Services, 2013) (cite). At the same time,