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Rank Relationship to Rank Skill most often used in daily life Age Target Indifference Disability Agent Indifference/Distancing Race Target Inclusion/Awareness Religious Culture Target Indifference/Distancing Ethnicity Target Distancing/Inclusion Social Class Culture Target Distancing/Inclusion Sexual Orientation Agent Indifference Indigenous Heritage Target Inclusion/Awareness National Origin Target Indifference/Distancing Gender Target Confusion Spend some time thinking about how often you think about each one of the Rank categories in a typical day. This will give you an idea of what skills you use most often in your daily life. If you never think about a particular rank, and you are an agent, than you are probably using indifference skills. If you never think about a particular rank, and you are a target, then you are probably using survival skills.List the most common skills that you use daily. Remember that the skills are holiarchal–meaning that you cannot “skip” skills sets. If you use indifference, then the next most common skill will be distancing. If you use confusion, then the next most common skill will be empowerment. If you find that you only use one skill, just list that one. Also keep in mind that we are talking about the skills used MOST OFTEN, not the skills that you do or do not have access to. For example, I think about ageism every time I visit or talk to my grandparents, and I have some awareness skills around that, but most days I do not use these skills, and instead I exercise indifference. Notice that this has little do with how I feel about ageism–I feel quite strongly that it is harmful. But I am not basing my notes on how I feel. Rather, I am observing the actions that I take most often in relation to age. In another example, I would say there are times when I have been able to use ally skills in relation to the Rank of Race, but this takes incredible skill and energy, and most days, I find myself using inclusion or awareness.