Adopting Strategies in Raising Levels of Attainment of KS3

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A factor that must be addressed in improving the capacity of students to achieve greater heights at a pace equal to their peers within the same class must first be assessed in the aspect of literacy, for without literacy one cannot strive for full achievement. In recent years there have been a great many emerging initiatives that have been designed to promote literacy. Understanding these initiatives and applying them toward secondary education is a singularly important concept toward the ability to teach effectively in the KS3 environment.There is a growing concern in KS3 level schools with the current state of literacy. That concern would be the decline in literacy standards in the UK. This is an issue fiercely debated and so reiterating those arguments would be of no benefit. With the statistics that have been gathered and compared historically as well as reviewed with the current international evidence, standards of literacy in the United Kingdom would hardly be high enough for a sizeable proportion of the number of students. Yet, in order to be flexible, we must be willing to give each student a baseline level from which to start, and then we must ascertain goals for their further achievement. I believe that there is room within the National Strategy to adopt a much more refined approach to the teaching methods at KS3. An example of this consideration would be, higher ability students may be able to surpass the specification of the strategy. I also would believe that lower ability students may not be fully able to achieve all of the objectives in the National Strategy and it would be more appropriate in this case for them to spend longer periods acquiring solid basic ICT skills and understanding.
To maintain standards in educational tolerance and sensitivity, we must learn about each student individually. This would be for their benefit to not only realize their goals and aspirations but to know their potential limitations and help them in the discovery of methods toward surpassing those limitations in order to gain access to their aspirations. Professors must also provide the students the outside methods toward attaining confidence in their ability to learn new skills in forwarding their education. Consistent teaching and learning is managed in order to improve attainment resources for teaching and learning in the form of revision guides, coursework help, lesson plans, worksheets, tasks and links to other sites. This has often resulted in improved consistency in teaching and would also have enabled students’ access to useful materials encouraging independent learning. Consistency in teaching and learning at KS3 schools which would contain similar information, learning resources and homework for the younger students’ use is an important factor to consider as well and then following that up with sharing copies of completed projects so teachers are aware of what students should have learned after completion of particular units. This is one thing that specialist schools, such as the Computing Specialist school that would cater to so many different nationalities would strive for, the