Adolf Hitler Biography

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Its own people with the aid of aggravators such as the Jews were greatly responsible for its downfall.As marriage is naturally intended as a means to procreate and to build a good foundation for a new being, Hitler had considered that early marriage would be more appropriate. Having a young couple on their fullest capacity is the only possibility that marriage’s main function will be practically fulfilled.Blood sins are sexually transmitted diseases, considerably affecting not just the couple but the very innocent child as well. In that sense, individuals infected with such should be renounced of his sexual practice.To put an end on its suffering and avoid infecting others, an organism that is no longer healthy and can fight for its life must expire. It may sound brutal, but very practical and natural to its sense.For Hitler, a race should be pure having their culture preserved as it continually develops his people. His organic theory implies that race should be unmixed, thus keeping its fine traits, and be able to further grow, being undisturbed by any impurities. He considers Aryan race as founded pure, perfect, and superior to other races. He attributes that almost all signs of human development were products of the Aryans.His emphasis on pure race implies his own political theory. For he had considered that any breed alteration may affect purity, the same thing is true with a nation. When a nation becomes so bombarded with so many forces, it becomes distracting. That happens on democracy, when excessive freedom, gives the people so many choices that eventually lose their focus towards their main goal. Their national objective then would be compromised being so vested with their own self-interest.When he speaks of inner unity, he pertains to a nation letting itself be influenced only by a single force that binds its people together which is national solidarity. Again for him, democracy would just open the door to other conflicting visions. That would then explain why and how he had managed to put down democracy.