Admission for Accounting and Finance Master Of Business Administration

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I possess a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Georgia state university. I was not able to continue with my studies since I had a brain tumor and underwent chemotherapy in 2009. Currently, I am looking for a scholarship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships to complete my dual MBA in accounting and finance.
In addition, I have been involved in several activities to assist my community. One of these includes my initiative to raise money for girls in my village to attend middle school in the summer. I also have developed an associated with the title. color des femmes.
I expect to use the knowledge attained to become a CPA and help my country as well as motivate the girls in their studies. This opportunity and my completion of the course will make me the first female certified public accountant in my country. As such, it will offer me the chance to help women in the country to achieve their dreams and aspirations.