Adlerian Character and Definitions of Trust

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It is evidently clear from the discussion that if a person feels that another individual brings out the best in him or her, he or she will tend to trust that individual. Unity of personality is also very important when developing trust in another person. If an individual displays the unity of personality, then other individuals will feel that they can trust that person. Development of personality and psychological health is also important when it comes to trust. A trustworthy individual should have a strong, well-developed personality and this will cause others to trust him or her. Furthermore, a trustworthy individual must also appear to have strong personality skills overall. In the story, there were two trustworthy people presented that would fit Adler’s theory. I felt that Peter J. Boyer demonstrated very sound conversational and personality skills when dealing with a very touching subject. His questions were very thoughtful and demonstrated all of the aspects of Adler’s theory of trust. For example, he asked the following: What would you find if you opened the door into a young life that had produced an unspeakable horror Surely a domestic landscape of dysfunction, physical or mental abuse, neglect, a trail of psychic woundings.But what if you found a nurturing home, a comforting community, and loving parents recognized for their special way with children, by all accounts an ideal American family Perhaps nothing could be more frightening than that. Understanding what happened inside that family takes us on a journey to an apparently unremarkable past, a journey requiring testimony from witnesses who saw no signs of a killer in their midst, a journey that begins deep in these Oregon woods. (Frontline Transcript, 2000)Boyle’s words demonstrate several things about him that place him in the category of trustworthy people within the realm of Adler’s theory. First, his care and concern are clearly emphasized in his wording. He uses several metaphors, like opened the door to keep the audience interested, and he grabs the imagination of the audience with several questions related to the unspeakable horror. His way of grasping the audience and making them think demonstrates that not only does he have a solid understanding of the concepts, he also has a strong personality and the ability to look at this tragedy with a very sound concept of what is needed. This makes him appear very trustworthy to the audience. Furthermore, he makes a very nice ending with his journey statement as he grabs the audience with his comments regarding taking a journey into the Oregon woods. Another character that appears trustworthy on the transcript is that of Kristen Krinkle. Because of the tragedy she suffered, she automatically captures the audience’s attention. Kristen demonstrates that she has a very solid personality according to Adler’s theory, and this is the first part of gaining the audience’s trust. Her tragedy naturally makes people feel that they can trust her, and as she admits the story behind what happened, her comments ring truer and truer. Her trustworthy presentation comes across strong because she has no reason to lie about the tragedy she is presenting, furthermore. It is obvious that she has nothing to gain from what she is relating to the audience.