Adidas Company Human Resource Plan

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Adidas is company headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, with diverse branches in other states including Illinois, California, and Detroit. The business has opened other overseas outlets in all the continents like Asia, United States of America, Africa, and Australia. The organization is looking to further increase the stores in Dubai, Toronto, and Madrid with an attempt at increasing its marketing opportunities (Adidas Group, 2010). The business new outlets are predicted to receive thousands of clients every month due to its strategic position and high population in every country. The high market will be also due to the customers’ desire for the best clothing, sportswear that resembles the climate of the area. The strategic management and the good leadership plan will give the business more competitive advantages compared to the other business. It will aim at the efficiency, and provision of the best clothes and shows at the affordable costs (Adidas Group, 2010). For continued profitability and the progress of the enterprise, then the good marketing strategy has been laid in place for consumer retention and attraction. The organization is employing more than 60,000people who come from 160 countries. The units of products that are produced every year are over 850 million that can generate the sales of around € 19billion when related to the 2016 case (Adidas Group, 2010). Hence, the figures alone suggest that the Adidas organization is quite complex but with proper management, things are simple, fast and lean. The company logo is widely known and plays a significant role in instilling the market strategy. The logo brings the iconic DNA from the courts to the streets representing the Adidas Originals. The Adidas Company is opening an outlet in Jersey with one human resource management. The company requires 80 employees in total who will be working in stores, management, and supply chain. The outlet will be receiving the goods from the main organization in Germany and supplies them to the customers in Jersey. Moreover, the outlet will be manufacturing the products and services. The business is operating in the manufacturing industry where they manufacture sports clothing, shoes and sporting facilities. Moreover, the organization is supplying its products to diverse countries to reach their respective clients under the supply chain and logistics management sector. The industry is widely known for its competitive nature and there is a need to search for all possibilities in making the Adidas Company business more competitive to attract more clients and make more profits.The Adidas organization utilizes a selection and recruitment plan in seeking applicants for potential employment. The plan is designed for achieving the quality employees fit for the job. The strategy is aimed to maintain loyal employees by satisfying them through motivation and treatment.For integration purposes and easy recruitment, the company requires the implementation of ERP process for easy management and coordination purposes. The SAP process, for instance, optimizes the recruitment and management process like the demand of the Adidas organization and the talent offers by different employees.