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NOTE:  1 pages paper should have (Discussion QUESTIONS 1, 2,3), conclusion with no grammatical errors, good sentence formation, APA Format, in text citations, references related to Business Intelligence in IT industry areas onlyGo through the topics below and Answer the questionsTopics:o Go to Tableau Public gallery at and find 2 to 3 vizzes you like, click on the vizz and then download them with the button in the bottom-right corner to try to understand how they were made. o Go to Stephen Few’s blog “The Perceptual Edge” ( and to the section of “Examples.” In this section, he provides critiques of various dashboard examples. Read a handful of these examples. o Go to Select the “Gallery” section of the site. Once there, click the “Digital Dashboard” selection. You will be shown a variety of different dashboard demos. Run a couple of the demos. Discussion Questions1. which 2 or 3 vizzes interested you? 2. what were some of the good design points and bad design points of the vizzes & demos? 3. What sorts of information and metrics were shown on the vizzes & demos?