Adaptation for New Staff through Training

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Using systematic training and developmental ways, an organization can create an environment for suited for a staff’s development and aid them in achieving their goals (Noe, 2006). Human Resources are also responsible for designing strategic and long-term training and developmental plans for staff members. The purpose of doing this survey is to explore statuses of new staff training in the case that such training was provided to the organization, to examine the essential factors leading to a better adaption of new staff, and to know how the staff thinks or feels about training for new staff. Basically, if a new staff joined a company, training them could allow them to integrate into the company easily, and development can further stimulate their potential. When training is used on new staff members that joined within the first 12 months, four stages can be divided into 1-3 months, 4-6 months, 6-12 months and over 12 months. I will study their views on training and development based on those four stages. First of all, in the literature review, I would like to define the training and development plans. Then I will introduce the parties involved in training, as well as a description of their roles. Next, the training plan cycle will be elaborated and described. I will also analyze the importance of the training needs of the new staff. Furthermore, I would like to use a motivation theory for showing how training and development can meet the needs of the new staff members.