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Activity Plan Self-Check- Place an “X” on each line for each of the characteristics that is included in the Lesson Plan Template you completed above.  If a characteristic is not observed, leave the line blank.  When you get to the end, add up the “Xs” and circle the level the lesson plan falls into according to the Self-Check Scoring Key. THIS PLAN IS DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE 4 POINTS ________ My plan is appropriate for the age and experiences of the children I will be teaching. ________ This activity idea is suitable for the children in my class based on at least one of these criteria:                       • The head teacher/ instructor has approved my idea. • My idea builds on the children’s interests and was suggested by things the children
have said or done. • My idea relates to the early learning standards and/ or the content standards for my
state or school.  ________ The materials and teaching strategies are sensitive to the language, culture, and experiences          of all or some of the children and families in the class.  ________ The objectives are arranged in a logical order using the concept of developmental direction. THIS PLAN IS COMPLETE 4 POINTS  ________ All parts of an effective activity plan are represented in my plan. ________ All materials needed in the activity are specified (including any materials needed for set- up, such as        covering a table with paper, or clean- up, such as sponges and water).  ________ The procedure includes examples of appropriate teaching strategies for the activity type, including         scripts such as those associated with behavior reflections, open- ended questions, challenges, or do- it         signals. ________ The evaluation section of the plan includes questions related to the children’s experience in the activity        as well as at least one question related to self- evaluation and reflection. THIS PLAN IS RELEVANT 3 POINTS ________ The plan uses hands- on materials that are of high interest to the children (they are meaningful and        worthy of the children’s attention). ________ The teaching strategies outlined in the plan clearly support the goal. ________ The strategy for assessing the learning of the children is appropriate for the activity and the children’s        development (checklist, work sample, child observations, etc.). THIS PLAN IS ACCURATE 9 POINTS ________ The planned activity clearly supports the goal.  ________ There is an obvious link between the goal and the objectives. ________ The objectives specify what the children will do in relation to the content. ________ Each of the objectives is addressed within the procedure.  ________ The procedure specifies what the teacher will do and say. ________ The specified content is accurate ( I have looked up or verified the information). ________ The content is reflected in the procedures section of the plan with the terms and facts made         clear.  ________ The simplifications and the extensions are related to the goal and remain within the chosen develop-         mental domain. ________ The evaluation of the child component of the plan assesses the degree to which children are                    successful in addressing the goal and the objectives. TOTAL POINTS = ________ Out of 20 Self- Check Scoring Key  – Circle the level your plan falls in 18– 20 Ready to Submit/ Try Out with Children 13– 17 Getting Close       8– 12 Try Again 1– 7 Reread Chapter 3, Consult with Others to Clarify Misunderstandings  (Kostelink, Soderman, Whiren, and Rupiper, 2015, p .101)