Acquiring Leadership Skills Necessary for Public Administration

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Learning is one key aspect that if taken seriously could transform the minds of these people. It is for this reason that I have taken my studies seriously so that I can reach to my fellow countrymen and help transform their lives as well as create a better environment for me and those that come after me. I joined the National Academy of Public Administration in Viet Nam for a Bachelor of Public Administration in 2006 to help attain this dream. In the same year, I undertook a course in computer programs to help sharpen my computer skills. It was during this period that my communication skills, interpersonal skills, and research skills were enhanced. I learned to conduct research, train newcomers, solve office and technical problems as well as organize for volunteer activities. This greatly exposed me to both the internal and external environment thus helping me adapt and manage the pressure from both. Not only that, it equipped me with good interpersonal skills and helped me to integrate with people from all over the world, thus I learned to appreciate the various cultures and practices. I gained various honors and prizes that helped me to venture into various activities like martial arts and in research. I was the class president, which equipped me with leadership skills. Later, I joined Texas Aamp.M University-Corpus Christi, the U.S for a Master of Business Administration and Master of Accountancy to increase my knowledge. The campus is great and through it am improving greatly I now chair the organization for Viet Nam students and take part in the research. My intent is to reach higher goals and attain good grades and so set an example to the rest of my peers. It is for this reason that I seek to study in your campus under the scholarship program as it will not only fulfill this dream, but it is also better equipped with the right material for my course. The scholarship will fulfill my dream of a better campus besides providing a good and conducive environment to better my career. I hope that my request will be considered.