Acme Medical Imaging Analysis

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Acme Medical Imaging: Analysis of CaseHeading 11. What can be done to achieve cost reduction and lead time goals?The answer to the Acme’s failure to achieve cost minimization and delayed projects lies in their legacy that is being brought to the company by their very product development department. The department works in a haph-hazard manner with no specific guidelines on the deadline of each phase that is bieng carried out there. This not only gives excuse to the departments that will take over the job but also gives an impression to the employees regarding the lax attitude of the business. Thus in order to solve this issue, the legacy shall be rectified. Moreover, there shall be selected contractors for all the production process in order to ensure better coordination and more personal responsibility on these.2. Do team members have a clear understanding of Acme’s commercialization process?Since Acme imaging lacked formal commercialization process one may doubt that the members were clear about way they would commercialize their product. Moreover, the members even lacked product specifications which are essential to market and sell the product. While every member came with their own concept and then the CEOs sudden shift of the strategy only confirms our doubts.3. How does project success fit into overall financial viability for the company?The success of the project will leave a very positive impact on the margins of the company for the fact that the technology is new, which would give Acme the First mover advantage. Furthermore, there are many anxious customers that have already lined up to buy the project. Therefore, if Acme successfully launches the product before its competitors then it will definitely grab the majority of the market share.4. How can Payton and Sayers survive and thrive in this engineering –centric culture?Managers play a key role in the success of any organization irrespective of the type of the business. They not only have a key role at initial stages such as cost=benefit analysis and determining the financial feasilbity of the project but they also play a key role during the process of production i.e. supply chain management. Moreover, they play a vital role in the commercialization of the product by specifying its marketing strategy which includes the identification of target market to the advertisements that would increase the sales of the product. Since, there is no business that wishes its product to fail hence one cannot visualize Payton and Sayers struggling for survival if the product makes a success.ReferencesNot Applicable