Achieving the NAEYC Standards

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I met this standard. I got to understand what young children are like. understood what influences their development. and used this understanding to create great environments where all children can thrive. During my internship, I took part in various voluntary activities whereby I engaged personally with individual children. For instance, in the first day I hold a child who is five months, and he was crying. I sat with him and played with him by using different toys, and I used a toy to teach him the colors (red, green, yellow, and blue.) The first couple of weeks was very informative and built block throughout the entire internship. I observed a lot. It is important for any professional teacher to get to know and develop an understanding of children in their classroom. These observations helped me get a deeper view of the thinking and reasoning skills these children possessed. Hence, it gave me an easier time creating any game that would point them in the right direction such as I made a traffic light which helped them to understand what they saw every day on the street when they came to the school. I put it in the outdoor play and, I explained that red means stop, yellow means slow down, and green means go. Then, they pretended that they were the policemen who controlled the traffic. They were very active and happy, and they loved it. Thus, through the sensitive nature the simple it was to meet their learning needs and develop a productive and comfy environment for teaching and learning.