Achieving Business Success Through the Internet

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The era can be termed as e age since ‘e-marketing’ is the new phrase for marketing and eCRM is the recent aligning of Customer Relationship Management. As of today, e-commerce is an inevitable part of selling strategies for the majority of B-2-B companies. The role of internet in the B-2-B world is ever widening and its significance is growing eternally as internet has become a gateway to global marketing.This research essay analyses how improvement in information technology especially communications through network has facilitated the business, commerce and communication worldwide and resulted in success of the business through innovation and new knowledge.The most salient characteristics of the Internet include e-mail ,discussion groups [like news groups , forums ,bulletin boards where a net user can post messages and look for replies ] , chats and instant messaging , wikis [ website on the internet that can be edited by any net user] adventurous online games , information retrieval , e-commerce , Internet-based telephone services [VoIP] , and web mashups [ where any net user combine their web-based data and services with those of other companies] and so on. [The Columbia Encyclopaedia 2007].File Transfer Protocol [FTP] is employed to transfer information between computers operating from various networks. The supreme impetus to the popularity of Internet originated from the introduction of World Wide Web [www], a hypertext system that facilitates the browsing more intrusive and fast.Electronic Data Interchange [EDI] can be described as the transmission of information through electronically or exchange of documents between the computer systems in multiple business organisations relied on a structured, standardised and machine-retrievable format.