Accuracy Of The Polygraph

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This method is widely known as the polygraph test. The central piece to this test is the polygraph instrument, or simply polygraph. Also called the lie detector, the polygraph has the capability to record physiological responses of a human being under examination. such responses will manifest on the blood pressure or heart rate, respiration rate, and skin conductivity. The instrument works under the assumption that such physiological responses would exhibit a different behavior in the act of deception as compared to their behavior before the supposed lie is committed.There are three major applications of the polygraph test: pre-employment screening, employee screening, and even-specific investigation. Arguably, the most widespread application of it is its use on event-specific investigations such as criminal investigations. counter espionagescreening. counter-intelligence. counter-terrorism and combating of corruption (Background Information, n.d.). As a tool for employee screening, the instrument is used with current employees of a particular company to know if they have committed a prohibited act. On the other hand, for pre-employment purposes, the polygraph is used in determining specific applicants who may have the tendency to commit prohibited acts (BBCSS and CNSTAT, 2003).The pre-test phase is where the method of the procedure is explained to the person being examined. At this stage, it is important to establish a rapport between the polygrapher and the examinee because the subject needs to be preconditioned that the instrument is capable of detecting deception.