Accuracy of APA Style

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This was an abstract of a book retrieved from an academic search engine. This source was filled with motivational quotes and life lessons from Calipari. This reference speaks to how Calipari recovered from life’s setbacks and how he got through with a positive outlook. This was a great source for understanding the subject matter’s thoughts and feelings. This was the notes from a motivational speech or writing that Calipari had conducted. The drawback was it was lengthy and repetitive.
This article was good because it gave plenty of biographical information on the subject. This article outlined the subject’s major accomplishments. The drawback was the article had plenty of opinion based information versus fact.
This website gave details of the subject’s current life and accomplishments. This website allowed the reader to understand better the target audience of the subject matter. This website was hard to navigate at times and had minimal information. I assume this website was designed for general information by the school interns versus being created for a source of in-depth information.
Greer, D.L. (1983) Spectator Booing and the Home Advantage: A Study of Social Influence in the Basketball Arena. Social Psychology Quarterly 46:3,252-261. (article consists of 10 pages) Published by: American Sociological Association. Stable URL:
The benefit of this article is that it gave a different perspective than simply researching the subject matter. The downside is the article was lengthy to read and did not provide as much information as expected. This article was also outdated.