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                             ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET (NON BARCODED) Student Name: ID Number: Paper Name: ADVANCED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Lecturer: Anil Narayan, Zahir Ahmed & Walaa Ghazy Assessment: Assessment 2: Individual Written Assignment Submission Due Date: By 12noon Wednesday 13th May 2020 Paper Code & Stream: ACCT703/01, ACCT703/02, ACCT703/03, ACCT703/M1 Academic integrity declarationIn submitting this work, I declare that:This assessment has been produced by me and represents my own workAny work of another person is appropriately acknowledged and/or referencedThis work did not involve any unauthorised collaborationThis work has not previously been submitted by me or any other person/authorI did not use any other unfair means to complete this workI understand that the above obligations form a part of the University’s regulations1 and that breaching them may result in disciplinary action1General Academic Regulations, Part 7 Academic Discipline. For guidance on academic integrity please visit the Student Digital Workspace and/or the Library website.Signature…………………………………………..                                     Date……………/………………/……………(Electronic signature is acceptable)             Instructions – read carefully before starting this assignment!You must type your answers in the spaces provided in this document (these spaces can be re-sized as you wish).Save and back-up your work regularly.Keep this document in Word format (do not convert it to pdf or any other format).You must sign the academic integrity declaration on the front page of this assignment and adhere to the specified regulations.You must upload your completed assignment via the Turnitin link on Blackboard before 12pm on Wednesday 13th May 2020(click the ‘Assessments’ tab, then click ‘Assessment 2: Individual Written Assignment’).If you are unable to upload your assignment via Turnitin, you must instead email it to the submission deadline.Penalties will apply for late submission. 5 marks will be deducted for each 2-hour delay. Assignments that are more than 6 hours late will not be marked and will receive a zero grade.Assignment Summary Question 1: Managing Costs: Total Life Cycle Costing 15 marks Question 2: Managing Costs: Target Costing 14 marks Question 3: Managing Supplier Relationships 16 marks Question 4: Managing Customer Relationships 15 marks TOTAL MARKS 60 MARKS Turn over for the questions…Required:  Required:     Question 3: Managing Supplier Relationships                                                                        (16 marks) Required:                           === END OF QUESTIONS ===