Accounting Capstone Project

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The critical success factor method is useful in examining altering information strategic requirements to meet the market demands.Accounting skills necessary for company’s success and stability are normally numerous and they aid making vital strategic decisions of the company. The skills entail keeping track of the underlying companies businesses devoid of possessing effect on the direction of the business enterprises in strategic business decisions (Plugge, 2012). Gathering data and presenting them to the corresponding management are vital in decision making for the company and analyzing numerical figures and underlying business environment then reporting to the management the present, expected and future performance of the company (Milberg amp. Winkler, 2013). This also entails recommending of appropriate steps to the management for advancing future performance. Accounting skills for company’s success and stability normally emphasis on the strategic input within accounting methods that are vital nurturing technology knowledge, leadership capability, comprehension of wide business environment and capability of communicating with the prevailing colleagues within the diversity of the corporate departments and operations.Financial Management skills necessary for company’s success and stability entails processes of planning, checking and evaluations of the entire financial aspects of the organizations, which encompasses skills of anticipating and tracking cash inflow and outflow or organizations that is revenue, funding and investments. Success and stability entail examination of investment in the organization in regard to operating costs, staff cost, purchasing assets, paying of the operating suppliers and staff coupled with paying of investors (Hira amp. Hira, 2008).Financial Management skills entail grasping of