Academic versus General Research

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It uses established scientific fundamentals, which are organized and articulated with scientific research methods to generate a new set of truth or information. Results of academic research are published in journals, magazines books and other learning media (National Institute of Public Administration 63-66).
General Research
On the other hand, general research refers to research that aims to establish facts not necessarily scientific. Although the establishment of underlying facts thorough literature review is essential for general research, it is not as robust as in academic research. For instance, research aimed at investigating the impact of new communication strategies on information utilization in a given organizational set up qualifies as general research. However, clinical research aimed at determining the best quantity of the drug to administer for a given treatment qualifies as academic research.
Although the two types of research may not be clearly distinct, academic research is more scientific based and mostly demands the use of scientific research methodologies. General research is less scientific-based.