ABC Inc Companys Disabled Staff Needs

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It needs to be brought to the notice of all employees under the Disabilities Act, it is discriminatory to behave unfavorably to employees with any kind of physical or mental disability. The company is bound under the law to provide desired facilities to disabled employees. All staff needs to be aware of the legal aspect of the law not to discriminate an employee even for having a relationship with a person of disability &lt.
It should be clear to all concerned that our country’s law is against any such discrimination over employment, which may be related to hiring, notice to quit the job, salary, job roles, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and other job-related terms and conditions &lt.
The harassment of disabled employees is an illegal act. Even an offensive remark can be discriminatory if it is randomly made. It is necessary for the creation of congenial work environment that such derogatory comments are rarely made. Not only the colleagues or managers but sometimes customers also harass a disabled employee. We need to take extra precautions in this regard to check the behavior of all. it is very much in the wider interests of our company.
It is our managerial responsibility to ensure that our employees with disabilities get suitable accommodation while performing the assigned work. We need to provide them with all the benefits and privileges of employment. Wherever a disabled employee requires a wheelchair or the provision of a reader or interpreter, it is the management’s responsibility to ensure facilitating him with these facilities.
If an individual is understood to have a physical or mental disability, which is not temporary&nbsp.and short-lived or even if he or she may not have that impairment, it is a type of disability