Abbreviated Quantitative Research Plan

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Asuitable description regarding the research problem identified is identified and developed. This process involves a critical examination or reviewing of existing literature or previous researches related to the proposed research topic. Finally, unproven statements of previous research are investigated through the use of various statistical techniques such as t-test, z test, regression analysis or chi-square etc (Malhotra, 2008).
One of the researches states that there should be a proper balance should be found between the research approaches (Bryman, 1984). This means that both of the fundamental approaches i.e. qualitative and quantitative should be used to guarantee the validity of the research conducted. Moreover, an investigation in which only one approach (qualitative or quantitative) is used is regarded as a major hindrance in the validation and reliability of perfect research (Onwuegbuzie amp. Leech, 2005).
According to Onwuegbuzie amp. Johnson (2004), the research approaches or methodologies used should be a blend of the two approaches because if only theoretical part of the research is reviewed (existing literature or researches), the outcome or the research may not be valid as the theories can be of the researchers claim and beliefs. However, the use of quantitative techniques such as causal or experimental research, the outcome of the research will be more influencing and authentic. Thus, both quantitative and qualitative methods are complementary as they are independent of each other.
The proposed topic for this research project is The influence of Emotional Intelligence on Work Performance of the Staff Teacher in High Schools. The research plan’s description is stated below.