Abbey National in All Its Greatness

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On 12th November 2004, Banco Santander Central Hispano, SA (Burlo Sandanter), acquired Abbey. Banco Santander is Spain’s largest financial group and one of the ten leading financial groups in the world ( report seeks to undertake a Marketing Environment Analysis of Abbey National to ascertain the present standing of the company in the UK market. Marketing Environment Analysis is the process of assessing and interpreting the information gathered under scanning the current market environment and future market needs of the customer. It helps the Marketing Manager to assess the performance of current market effort and marketing strategies for the future.The macro-environment of an organization refers to those factors, which are not concerned with the immediate environment of the business. The factors are external and do not directly affect the marketing decision of the company but it indirectly influences the marketing decision.The main challenges faced by the organization in the Macro environment would be the political and legal forces within the country where the company is operating. The developments in the political and legal environment greatly affect the marketing decisions of the business organization. The political and legal climates are less predictable elements in an organization’s marketing environment. Sound marketing decisions cannot be taken without understanding the changes in the political environment of the nation, the government agencies, political parties in power, and in opposition and their ideologies.The political and legal climate of the UK, where Abbey National operates, is quite stable. An organization based in the UK enjoys a favorable condition in terms of infrastructure and other facilities. The government in the UK encourages free trade and the economy is quite sound. The country is technologically advanced and the marketing conditions are favorable for both investment and lending.