A written case scenario analysing the managers role in the ‘RUNNING’ of a health care practice a GP

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These roles include ensuring quality services are offered to patients. recruiting, training, and managing the administrative staff. and overseeing the patient’s records. In addition, the manager should agree on and manage the general practice budget. monitor patients satisfaction. and handle complains from patients, as well as, ensuring appointments run smoothly. Managerial functions are not limited to the daily operations of the practitioner, but he or she also assesses the market and advice the BOARD on the introduction of new services in the General Practice. In Newham there is a huge population of people who seek medical attention from the General Practice clinics. The Newham population is expected to grow at an average rate of 11% which provides opportunity for the General Practice to invest (Dlugacz, 2006). Selecting and developing a suitable practice environment The accessibility of a general practice is the primary factor that should be considered in a General practice. The selection of a suitable location puts into consideration the safety and the nearness to the patients. It should also consider other strategic things such as means of communication, water, and power supply. One should also have in mind the competition from other established service providers. In this case, the competition comes from the National Health Service. In addition, one has to consider the services to offer. For example, in Newham borough the demand for primary health care is huge. The interior and exterior layout should be appealing and provide a sense of security to the patients (Heizer, 2004). A person should also consider the staffing on the roles of each staff, the supervisors and the clinicians who have to work as one to achieve the desired results. Marketing and promotion of the practice Brand The patients should have enough knowledge of the services provided and their quality. The practice has to focus on the target patients. For example, in Newham in the Tower hamlets borough, the major service is primary health care. The manager should identify ways of improving their services in order to gain competitive advantage over others. There are many population distribution factors that may affect the General practice. In the Tower Hamlets Borough had an unemployment level of 12% which is the third highest. It is also the most overcrowded area with 15% of households overcrowded and high crime rate (Dlugacz, 2006). This calls for appropriate mode of advertising to reach them. Buying and selling of a practice Buying and selling a practice should be done with caution. One should involve a general practice surveyor and the deal should be signed in front of a legal expert. The issue of shareholding is crucial since all parties should be satisfied with the deal. A person should also be fully aware of the reasons behind the selling of the practice in order to plan on the best action taken to move into the practice (GPC, 2005). Apply essentials of starting a practice Before a general practice is started, it should ensure that it has fulfilled all the legal requirements. The practice is bond bound by the law to provide services to the disadvantaged people. For example, the practice should remove physical obstacles such as replacing steps with ramps and expanding narrow doorways in the premises. This is according to Disability Discrimination Act (1995). The practice should ensure that